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Pablo Felipe Robledo Del Castillo



Lawyer, specialist in Civil Procedural Law and candidate for a Master's Degree in Civil and State Contractual and Tort Liability from the Externado de Colombia University. He has served as Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Vice Minister of Justice and Law, Vice Minister of Justice Promotion, Vice Minister of Criminal Policy and Restorative Justice (E), Minister of Justice and Law (E), and Director of the National Agency Legal Defense of the State (E). For more than 15 years he practiced his profession as a trial lawyer, advisor and consultant in commercial and administrative law, civil and State liability and intellectual property.


He served as: (i) Alternate President of the Commission for the Review of the Draft Law of the General Process Code designated by the Ministry of Justice and Law that culminated in the issuance of Law 1564 of 2012; (ii) Alternate President of the Interinstitutional Commission for Constitutional Reform of Justice appointed by the President of the Republic in the years 2010 - 2011; (iii) Member of the Drafting Commission of the National and International Arbitration Law Project that culminated in the issuance of Law 1563 of 2012; (iv) Member of the Commission for the Preparation of the Draft General Code of the Process designated by the Colombian Institute of Procedural Law during the years 2003 - 2011.


He has also been a professor at the Universidad Externado de Colombia and the Universidad de los Andes in procedural law and intellectual property. He is the author of several academic publications on procedural law, arbitration, administrative law, competition law and intellectual property.


He is a member of the Colombian Institute of Procedural Law, of the Commercial Lawyers Association and of the A List of Arbitrators of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla.

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